• My name is Ismael Ramos Soler Ismael, and I run Aleli Tours in Puerto Rico. I was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico. I am the son of an English professor and a merchant marine, and I’ve always felt connected to the water. I’ve spent most of my childhood and adolescence sailing, swimming, water skiing, and surfing. I later received a B.S. in biology, M.S. degree in Coastal Zone Management and complete most requirements but my dissertation for a PhD. in marine sciences.

    Sailing is my passion, and I’ve represented Puerto Rico in the 1977 world Hobie 14 Championships in Lanzarote, Spain. I’ve sailed extensively in the Caribbean on private and charter sailboats as a captain. I was also an ecology, biology and marine sciences professor for ten years, and in 1986, I ran a small guest house and restaurant in La Parguera , where I started taking tourists out to the coral reef on my sailing catamaran, Aleli. I taught the tourists about the marine environment the same way I did with my students in the past: doing ecotourism, long before the concept was established. I’ve also acted as an environmental consultant for the public and private sectors.

    My love for the environment and my passion for my job have led me to offer the best in sailing, snorkeling and kayaking tours in beautiful Puerto Rico. As a USCG certified captain, marine biologist and ecologist, I hold over 20 years of experience and love to provide my customers with a different learning experience about the ocean and its ecosystems.


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    A small crew that gets the job done, plus offers personal service.
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    There is just nothing as pristine as these waters. Silent beauty!